Research Methodology



Identification of the key brands and professionals in a particular business category and geographical zone and inviting them for participation in the market research depending upon their location and focus of their business. About 25% of the participants who nominate themselves or their institutes make it to the next stage after the initial screenings of the nominations received. Collection of data from the participating institutes and professionals about their products/services, infrastructure, Annual Growth of business, etc. Gauging the popularity and perception of the participants amongst the end consumers through collection of data through feedback forms. This stage is focused on gathering insights into the brand equity, customer feedback, media visibility and feedback from the industry. Grading the participants on different criteria through collected data/feedback/opinion scores.

Key Benefits Of Winner :

Invitation for 2 senior officials/guests of the winning organizations to attend the award ceremony with Lunch and Tea.

  •   Interview of the awardees will be taken by the media personnel and our executives present at the award function venue; the same shall be uploaded over the internet.

  •   Opportunity for the Official Representative or the Chief Executive of the winning organization to receive the award certificate from the celebrity Chief Guest in front of the media and other winners.

  •   Press Releases and Media Coverage in thousands of internet sites and links including Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites.

  •   All the photographs, award images, logos, chief guest’s speech, media coverage to be sent by mail/link.

  •   Display of all images and videos on the Facebook page and website of the company.

  •   Certificate of Excellence and a Trophy by the distinguished guests at the function.

  •   Use of the Award’s image and Prime Time trademark / logo on your website, business cards, brochures, official communications and other promotional collaterals.

  •   Reach out to prospective society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award.

  •   The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of their unflinching commitment towards business excellence an extensive PR campaign in web, print and TV.

  •   They will enjoy publicity that will establish their reputation as a proven provider of exemplary levels of services.

  •   The certificate and the photographs displayed at your premises will be the testimony to your commitment towards your society.

  •   The Awardees get an opportunity to attend the gala ceremony.

  •   Networking with top-notch industry professionals and personalities on the event.

  •   Please note that all winners have the option to attend the awards ceremony and use the award ceremony pictures and logos in their advertising campaigns and official stationery and website etc.


The Inspire India Awards – Corporate jury consists of individuals who represent multiple disciplines from India and across the globe. The distinguished panel of eminent educationists& leaders and industry experts take on the arduous process of assessing and evaluating the applications both physically and virtually.


• Each application will be evaluated based on 5 criteria – Innovation, Implementation, Impact, Sustainability and Scalability. • Evaluation will be based on work completed in or started in the academic calendar: 2018-2019 for 2020 • All companies (international and national) providing products, services and solutions implemented and/or have its presence in India, are eligible to apply.

Note :

: By submitting an entry for an Inspire India Awards – Corporate, the applicant confirms that they have read and agree to accept the outcome of the result in accordance with the Awards criteria and evaluation process.


A three-staged rigorous, efficient and transparent evaluation process is designed to evaluate all applications fairly.

  • STAGE 1- Application forms and supporting documents provided by the applicants are verified by the Awards Secretariat for its validity, eligibility, genuineness and completeness.

  • STAGE 2- 100+ eminent jury members are engaged to evaluate the applications online. Each application undergoes through a screening process by a minimum of 20 jury members and the highest-scoring applications are shortlisted as finalists.

  • STAGE 3- A Grand Jury Meet is organized to evaluate the finalists and identify the winners in each award category.

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