Training and technology

Inspire India Foundation is an innovative Training, technology, education management & research organization. We have all the in-house skills and people needed to help you to create an innovative concept right the way through to taking your idea into Execution, Equally, our services can help you to maximize your profit and reach worldwide.

Education Consultant

Works with schools and colleges for helping them improve quality of education in their institutions. We do training programs for almost all the stakeholders of education including students, teachers, principals, administrators, directors, accountants, librarians, counsellors etc. of the institutions for their skill development in India, help the schools improve by doing their quality adults.

Building Brands

We are not content just to create me-too products that make incremental change; we specialize in helping organizations achieve the seemingly impossible. We work with some of the renowned organizations as well as with innovative start-ups who want to change the status quo fast. Founded over years ago, the organization combines exceptional people, proven processes and excellent facilities, backed by an enviable track record of creating world-firsts, to deliver real value to our clients. That’s not just our claim: 97% of our clients say that we exceed their expectations.

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